Scapegoating VIdeo Games: The Comics Code Authority 2.0

Written in response to the undue scrutiny shown to the video game industry following the Sandy Hook shooting, and the troubling similarities to the events that led to The Comics Code Authority of 1954.


A method for the touring trumpet player to maintain consistency on the road. Published in the March 2013 International Trumpet Guild Journal.

American Splendor: How Comics are becoming Jazz

An observation of the similarities between two of America’s most timeless art forms, jazz and comic books. Published in 2012 by, the internet’s leading comic magazine.

Comic-Con, Hall H and the Line From Hell

Written in response to a woman’s death at Comic-Con International 2012.

Aurora, Alex Teves and Why We Need Superheroes

A celebration of the life and singular character of Alex Teves, a victim of the Aurora shooting on July 20th, 2012. Later posted on and